Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and fans who vote for us each year! We were honored to have been selected as the 2020 Pacific Northwest Caterer Of The Year, and the 2019-2022 Best Of The Willamette Valley. It shows us that not only our food is top-shelf, but the 6-Star Service that we provide is noticed and appreciated. Thanks to all of our wonderful fans and customers! We appreciate you more than you know!

After founding and owning Topaz HomeStyle Bistro for several years (named as one of the top 10 restaurants in Oregon in 2013), we decided to move on to a new challenge......and so G-Gourmet Catering & Events was born! We also founded and operated WrapTown Restaurant which was a "popup" for the holidays located in the Salem Center Mall. Although it was only a seasonal restaurant that was suppose to only be operational for the holidays, we were honored to be given (4) "Best Of The Mid-Valley" awards in 2015.

There are 2 different divisions here at the "G" that handles catering services, and another that deals with events. Our corporate headquarters and facilities are located exactly in the middle of Portland and Salem, giving us the ability to serve both markets effectively. We live in the country by choice, and our 3 young children love being able to ride theirs bikes up and down our country road without any traffic! Living in the country brings with it a different approach to life, and we enjoy the values and perspective that we get living in the middle of nowhere. But, within 30 minutes we can be around millions of people, which is where most of our customers are. The cost of living is much less out here and we have chosen to pass that savings along to our customers. That approach has served us well over th years. We cater for weddings, winery events, corporate luncheon, business events, customer appreciation events, Board of Directors luncheon, employee buffets, holiday parties and more.

CATERING- Our catering division can handle anything from a Board Of Directors luncheon buffet for 12, all the way up to a BBQ for 1200. We do not have a published menu for many reasons.......1) We want YOU to be able to help create the perfect menu for your group, 2) We want to find out all of the variables that make your event unique and special (location, number of people, any dietary restrictions, time of day, etc..), 3) We want to be able to work within your budgetary constraints and work very hard to make our catering services very competitively priced. We put all of this information into one big pot, and then can create a proposal that is custom-made just for you. No preset menus here! We cater for weddings, winery events, corporate luncheon, business events, customer appreciation BBQ's, Board Of Directors luncheon, employee buffets, holiday parties and more. No event is too small or too big!

EVENTS- We've been selected as food vendors at the US Olympic Track & Field Trials, Oregon State Fair, Idaho State Fair, Newport Seafood Festival, Portland Wine & Seafood Festival, Astoria CrabFest, Oregon Duck Football Games, Washington County Fair, Marion County Fair, Klamath County Fair, Molalla Rodeo, Pendleton Round Up, Oregon International Air Show, Salem Art Festival, Bite of Bend, plus about 40 other fairs and events around the Pacific Northwest.  Although we sold this part of our business 3 years ago, we still attend many of the larger events each year and enjoy seeing our friends!

FAMILY- The same enthusiasm that put our restaurants at the top of the heap can be found in every bit of food that we create. We have always said that having fun must be #1 when it comes to our businesses, and that has been a centerpiece of our philosophy since the beginning. We LOVE what we do and it shows!

Although we enjoy working, it does not event come close to the joy we get from spending time with our 3 young children.....bruised knees, bad dreams, tooth fairies and all. Our kids are what motivates us to do what we do.

We would be honored to work with you, and encourage you to give us a call or email at your convenience to discuss how we can make your event perfect! Give us a call at 888-489-7580 or email us at


(888) 489-7580